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bur oak tree seedling planted in small dirt pile

Bur Oak tree seedling - FREE (max 15)


I am a Bur Oak tree seedling and my friends know me as Quercus macrocarpa. I am somewhat shade tolerant, and I can grow up to 80 feet tall.  I will also grow wider than many trees, so keep that in mind when you plant me.  My large acorns have a "burr" on them which gives me my name.  Woodland creatures especially like to eat my acorns.


My dimensions are:

60-80 feet tall


My soil preference is:

Moist, well-drained soils


My ideal conditions are:

Full sun to partial shade

Plenty of room for my adult width

Expected to arrive May of 2025. All seedling orders are pickup only. Select pickup location when checking out.
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