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Let’s Plant Trees welcomes community groups, scout organizations, schools, and libraries to incorporate tree planting projects and educational reforestation presentations into their regular activities. We provide materials, tree seedlings, and conduct tree planting demonstrations to support these efforts. Our developed presentation materials are available for sharing, and we can collaborate with other organizations to address specific topics, such as the spruce budworm, emerald ash borer, climate change and its impact on trees, and how trees can help mitigate climate change.



Community engagement is incredibly important to us, and we especially enjoy the questions we receive from participants. By promoting reforestation and helping to educate others about the importance of tree planting, we hope to generate even more interest in reforestation activities. Collaborating with like-minded entities and corporate groups, we aim to amplify the positive impact of our initiatives and broaden our reach across Minnesota.

Have a look at our downloadable educational materials, and contact us if you’d like to know more about how we can partner with your organization!

Collage of volunteer projects for let's plant trees


Young people benefit from reforestation work in numerous ways, when it is incorporated as part of regular learning engagements either through school or other organizations.  Planting trees is a hands-on, experiential learning activity that fosters a young person’s appreciation for nature, their understanding of ecological principles, and the importance of environmental conservation.  Spending time in nature is correlated with reduced stress and improved well-being, and planting trees is also good physical exercise!

By engaging in tree planting activities, students also learn stewardship skills that can benefit them for life.  Leadership and community service are important elements of reforestation, as is project management, planning, and teamwork.  They will also learn quite a lot about the specific trees they are planting from site requirements and how to plant trees, to caring for the trees after planting.

Arbor Day Volunteers in Eden Prairie Minnesota tree seedling planting

Reforestation projects are multi-disciplinary learning experiences and lessons can be incorporated that include science, geography, and social studies.  From sequestration of carbon, to biodiversity and habitat restoration, to photosynthesis, evaporation and transpiration, the list of learning topics related to tree planting projects is nearly endless.


Involving young people in reforestation fosters environmental stewardship, enhances education, and promotes community engagement. It teaches practical ecological knowledge, inspires future careers in sustainability, and strengthens social bonds, ensuring the continuity of conservation efforts and cultivating a shared sense of environmental responsibility.


These initiatives benefit the environment and contribute to the personal and social development of young people. They prepare youth to be informed, responsible, and proactive citizens by fostering environmental awareness, teaching valuable skills, and encouraging active participation in community and conservation efforts.


Engaging in community projects like tree planting helps people of all ages connect with neighbors and take shared ownership of their neighborhoods, fostering a sense of community, cooperation, and collective responsibility for local environmental health and well-being.


two women in woods planting tree seedlings
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