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What inspired the establishment of Let's Plant Trees?

The inspiration to start Let�s Plant Trees stemmed from recent events like the spread of spruce budworm, wildfires, and the urgent matter of climate change. Recognizing our own desire for immediate action and seeing that others wanted to take action as well, we initiated our nonprofit to coordinate efforts and combat these issues directly, by planting trees.

Is Let's Plant Trees solely focused on Cook County, Minnesota?

Currently we are focused along the North Shore and the Arrowhead region. Cook County is our home base. The research we have done on the tree species to plant is specifically focused on the Arrowhead region and what trees are expected to thrive here in the coming years. Having said that, our long-term vision includes expansion to other areas where our tree planting efforts can thrive, as our operational model matures.

Who is involved in Let's Plant Trees?

Let's Plant Trees was founded by Carrie and Mike Nicklow, residents of Lutsen Minnesota. Both Mike and Carrie have decades of business experience and a passion for the outdoors. Carrie has an environmental science degree, and is a Master Woodland Steward. Let�s Plant Trees is also supported by volunteers with backgrounds in forestry and related fields, and a shared passion for environmental conservation.

How many seedlings can one receive?

People have requested a wide range of seedlings quantities from us! While some people only want to plant a few trees at a time, others have much more ambitious tree planting goals. We will support projects of all sizes as best we can, and with larger projects we can deploy volunteers to help at planting time.

When can recipients expect their seedlings?

Tree seedlings will arrive in late April to early May, varying in timing based on weather, nursery schedules and local soil temperatures. We will provide updated pickup dates once the schedule is clear, and we do have some flexibility on timing, although for optimal survival the seedlings should be planted as quickly as possible.

How does seedling pickup work?

Seedlings are distributed from our location in Lutsen. We are also planning to have a seedling distribution day in Grand Marais, with timing to be determined. Recipients will be notified via email about pickup details as we get closer to seedling arrival.

How can I donate to Let's Plant Trees?

Individuals and businesses can donate via our website or by mailing checks to our address at P.O. Box 56, Lutsen, MN 55612. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit, and our Federal ID number is 93-1643546.

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