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Birch Island Woods Tree Planting Corporate Volunteer Project

Updated: Jun 23

In April 2024, Let's Plant Trees helped facilitate a tree planting corporate volunteer project with Eden Prairie based tech company, New Wave Design. New Wave aims to enhance employee engagement and showcase its Corporate Social Responsibility by providing meaningful volunteer opportunities for teammates to work together. Staff from New Wave requested help from Let’s Plant Trees to organize a tree planting project with their employees. Let’s Plant Trees then collaborated closely with New Wave and the City of Eden Prairie, and the perfect site was identified for volunteers to plant native Minnesota tree seedlings!

Birch Island Woods is a 30-acre parcel near highways 62 and 494 in the western Twin Cities metro area, that was rescued from development by a community group in the late 1990’s. The property was then acquired by the City of Eden Prairie. City foresters had recently cleared the Birch Island Woods property of diseased ash trees and invasive buckthorn and were eager for help replanting the site. A date was set, and it worked out perfectly - Arbor Day!

Let's Plant Trees provided 500 native Minnesota tree seedlings, including silver maple, hackberry and swamp white oak, all species expected to thrive in that location in a changing climate. Volunteers from New Wave, City of Eden Prairie foresters, and Let's Plant Trees arrived at the site and despite a pending rainstorm, planted all 500 seedlings in just a couple of hours. As the planting wrapped up, the rain started, creating ideal conditions for the seedlings to settle into their new homes.

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