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Eastern white pine tree seedling planted in small dirt pile

Eastern White Pine tree seedling - FREE (max 20)


I am an Eastern White Pine tree seedling and my friends know me as Pinus strobus. I am beautiful, majestic, and I can grow up to 100 feet tall! I thrive in full sun, yet am also somewhat shade tolerant, and as long as I have well-drained soil, can be planted in many locations. Wildlife really likes me; deer and rabbits will eat me so please fence me until I am 6ft tall. 


My dimensions are:

80-100' tall


My soil preference is:

Well-drained soils


My ideal conditions are:

Full sun to partial shade

North facing slopes or cooler locations

Away from currants or gooseberries (to prevent blister rust)

Expected to arrive May of 2025. All seedling orders are pickup only. Select pickup location when checking out.
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